Seamstress donates face masks to hospital

Seamtress donates face masks to hospital

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Many are stepping up in the fight against the spread - including people who can make masks at home.

Face masks have been cleared from some store shelves for weeks now, but the demand for them still grows, which is where seamstress Yolanda Taylor comes in.

She’s produced about 40 fabric face masks, with over a dozen of them going to St. Mary’s Hospital.

“It’s making good use of something that I already have," Taylor said.

She has the sewing machines, and lots of extra fabric from past business ventures years ago, and it was her daughter that lit the spark for her to chip input her skills to work.

“[She lives] in Brooklyn and she sent something to me about the mask-making, and at that point, I said 'Let me check around locally because I’m certain if they have the need in New York, there’s definitely a need here.”

She eventually found tutorials online, put together by a Minnesota hospital - complete with patterns that she used, and she went straight to work.

“At first it’s a little daunting because you’re making something that you haven’t worked with before, and you are trying to place pieces together, but they have them numbered,” she said of the process.

But with lots of time, patience, and years of experience with a thread and needle - these are the finished products:

mask crafted by Glen Allen seamstress
mask crafted by Glen Allen seamstress (Source: Yolanda Taylor)

While they certainly look great, Yolanda is keeping in mind those who need it the most:

“I am trying to help medical people who need them. I have friends who say ‘Oh, they’re so cute! I want one!’” she said, adding that the priority is those on the front lines of the pandemic response.

She currently plans to continue making the masks, and donating to other medical facilities, as she says “there doesn’t look to be an end to this pandemic.”

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