Central Virginia schools announce grading plans for remainder of year

Central Virginia schools announce grading plans for remainder of year
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(WWBT) - As schools are closed for the rest of the academic year, Central Virginia schools are announcing the plans for grading the rest of the year.


Henrico County Public Schools have announced its grading plans and the next steps moving forward after schools were forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

School officials said in most cases that students will be moving onto the next grade level. If grade retention was being considered for an elementary school student prior to the close, and with the school team and parents in agreement, those discussions may continue.

The Virginia Department of Education is also providing school divisions with a range of options for handling missed work due to the closure.

For a full breakdown of each grade level and specification, CLICK HERE.


Chesterfield County Public Schools says it will not be grading new work assigned moving forward.

The system has also moved to a trimester format for the 2019-20 school year – a first marking period, a second marking period, and a third marking period. April 24 is the new date for the end of the third marking period.

“The value of school is not the grade; it is the education a student receives,” Chesterfield Schools said.

For a full breakdown of each grade level and specification, CLICK HERE.


Hanover County Public Schools has released their grading and instruction plans for the remainder of the school year.

In Learn-from-home Phase II, all students are required to complete three “Meets Expectations/Does Not Meet Expectations” assignments for each course between April 13 and May 29.

New instruction materials will be made available online and in paper packets on April 13.

The school district says this work is not intended to be completed all at once and will be used by teachers best evaluate a child’s readiness for promotion.

For final grades, they will be calculated by averaging first, second, and third quarter grades. No grade for the fourth quarter will be calculated.

For a full breakdown of each grade level and specification, CLICK HERE.


All students in grades 6-12 who attend Powhatan County Public Schools will have the opportunity to make up any missed or outstanding assignments.

All makeup work must be completed prior to May 4 in order to be graded and counted into a student’s grade.

All elementary students’ third nine weeks’ grades will be closed out as of March 13th and any outstanding assignments will be excused.

For the fourth quarter, starting on April 14, instructional activities created by teachers and staff, will be provided and assessed based on effort and completion with a final pass/fail designation.

Powhatan County Public Schools says, “This will enable us to determine that a student has completed a majority of required standards, competencies, and objectives, including those that are essential for success in subsequent coursework.”

Teachers and support staff will be using a variety of methods to document students completing work. This includes technology platforms, emails, phone calls, and other methods.

Teachers will also be providing feedback in a variety of ways, including Seesaw (elementary), Schoology (secondary) and Power Teacher Pro to students on the work they complete to facilitate successful learning.

For year-long courses, an average of MP1, MP2, and MP3 as well as the First Semester Exam, if taken, will be used for the final letter/numerical course grade. In addition to the final numerical course grade, students will need to receive a passing grade for the fourth nine weeks in order to pass the course.

Any student failing a course at the end of the third nine weeks will have the opportunity to complete new work during the fourth quarter for a number grade to be averaged with the rest of their term grades in an effort to pass the course.


Richmond Public Schools laid out their plans for calculating final grades.

Elementary school students will not be assigned final grades.

Grades will be calculated for the third marking period. Teachers will either give students an "S" for “Successful” when a student had a passing grade in the subject as of March 13, or an "N" for “Needs Improvement” when a student did NOT have a passing grade in the subject. The district says these notations will help next year’s teachers have a sense of where students may need extra support.

For middle and high school students, final grades will be the average of the first three marking periods.

For the third marking period, teachers will use use the notation "E" for “Exempt” for any missing assignment, meaning no make-up work needs to be turned in. The district says this is to protect students and teachers who may not be able to complete/grade work at this time. Teachers will also use 50% as the numerical value for any assignment graded as an F (meaning no score below 50%), so as not to unnecessarily depress student grades at this time.

The district also says any school work given after the school closure will not be graded, however, there are still lessons they can complete with RPS@Home.

For high school seniors, RPS says those who were passing their classes do not need to complete any modules; they are effectively done for the year and will receive their diplomas in June. Seniors who were not passing a class needed for graduation have to complete one module per class on RPS@Home.

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