Get ready for April Fools’ Day as a family

Get ready for April Fools’ Day as a family

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - As the days melt together, you may have forgotten that Wednesday is April Fools’ Day!

And since you’re staying home, here are a few fun family ideas to make the day better.

Make a prank plan with your kids on Tuesday for Wednesday. Have them brainstorm ideas for a trick, write out a plan to execute and help them figure out how they can follow through with the surprise.

Work on writing, problem-solving and teamwork! We’d love to see your ideas, so make sure you share your tricks with Sarah Bloom or send them to NBC12, HERE.

Meanwhile, if you want to prank your kids, here are some clever ideas.

  • Freeze their cereal with the spoon in it - when they go to take a bite, it won’t move.
  • Offer a plate of brownies, serve up a plate with brown letter Es on it.
  • Put your kids in each others’ beds while their sleeping tonight.
  • Or for the older kids, consider covering the TV sensor with tape. It might take them a while to figure out why they just can’t get that TV to work.

For a little history lesson about the day, click here.

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