Fly a kite and go on a virtual vacation

Fly a kite and go on a virtual vacation

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Parents, as we weather coronavirus, we are going to focus our RVA Parenting segments on things you can do to keep your kids busy, things your family can do together to help others and anything critical you need to know to keep your kids safe.

Let’s start with the weather today, March 30. We’re expecting beautiful weather and wind, so consider flying a kite, drawing with chalk or kicking a ball.

But remember, you still have to maintain social distance- so be careful in parks or on pathways where other people are likely to visit, too. Give others space to pass, or play....and in doing so, protect all of us.

It’s also National Virtual Vacation Day. We know the real thing sounds like a lot more fun about now. But, this version will be cheaper, and hopefully, you can sneak in a few educational moments as well.

Think of a place you’ve always wanted to go- remember, price is no concern- and read about it. Find it on a map. Look at pictures together. Read about the history, the sites to see.

Explore the food options, and try to find a recipe so you can cook that meal in your home, together. It’s a nice way to think about something else, with a geography, math, science, history lesson all wrapped in.

Here’s a nice spot to start looking, but remember, the sky’s the limit on this one!

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