'It’s uncharted waters’: Medical professionals continue to navigate through uncertainty of COVID-19

Medical professionals continue to navigate through uncertainty of COVID-19

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals remain on the front lines against the fight against COVID-19. At VCU Medical Center, the healthcare providers continue to prepare for the unknown that could still arise as the outbreak continues in the Commonwealth.

“It is uncharted water, certainly a number of challenges, we are aggressively communicating with our colleagues on the west coast and in New York, trying to learn from their experience,” explained Dr. David Lanning, Interim Chief Medical Officer, VCU Health, Co-surgeon-in-chief, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.

Dr. Lanning says VCU Health continues to prepare, working hard to create solutions to help alleviate the stress being put on the hospital system right now.

“We are really working hard to develop internal testing and make that more widely available,” said Lanning.

He says there is a limited quantity of the test that is currently available at VCU Medical Center.

“We are trying to make sure we are all prepared for the increase in patients we know we are going to see as demonstrated in other parts of the country,” said Dr. Lanning. “We’re hoping the measures we are taking, we won’t see quite the numbers other places are seeing.”

As they monitor the situation in the US as well as abroad, VCU Medical Center is thinking ahead, making contingency plans, and in case it becomes a challenge to maintain and adequate amount of medical supplies.

Dr. Lanning says as doctors and nurses continue to work long hours, he encourages the community to show solidarity.

“There may be times we do need support from the community--I know we’ve had lots of great support for health care providers, restaurants to provide meals, particularly to those teams who are staying late, working extra hard," he explained. “Certainly anyone in the healthcare field, support them--as they try to help patients and families moving forward.”

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