Family members concerned about loved ones after 4th COVID-19 death at long-term care center

Fourth Canterbury rehab resident dies

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - News of a fourth resident’s death at Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center due to COVID-19 has left dozens of families worried about their loved ones at the facility.

On Thursday, the Richmond & Henrico Department of Health Director, Dr. Danny Avula, announced a man in his 70s had died at the long-term care center that morning. The Administrator confirms it was due to COVID-19.

This comes after three other residents at the facility died of COVID-19 while hospitalized for treatment. Those cases involved a woman in her 80s, and two men in their 60s and 70s.

"I hope this starts to put into perspective that people are actually dying and will continue to die,” Avula said. “We've got to do everything we can to keep them safe."

As it stands, Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Administrator, Jeremiah Davis, said 17 residents have tested positive in the last 12 days; two remain hospitalized; 11 are being treated on site; 6 health care workers have also tested positive.

Avula added at least 16 other residents are being monitored after showing symptoms.

At this point all COVID-19 positive residents have been isolated, along with residents who have symptoms. Residents who tested positive are being treated by dedicated nursing and certified nursing assistant staff.

"The staff are also separated,” Avula said. “The staff are dealing with the symptomatic individuals who are cohorted for that."

“The safety and health of Canterbury residents and staff remain our primary concern,” Davis said. “We continue to work closely with local and state health departments and are taking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) protocols to help contain further spread of the virus. Additional measures have included the implementation of an industrial cleaning service to provide full and ongoing decontamination of the facility. This includes both daily deep cleaning and the incorporation of six hydroxyl generators, which create airborne hydroxyl radicals that treat pathogens in both the air and on surfaces.”

On Tuesday, Avula said health leaders conducted an onsite visit to see what was being done to ensure resident safety.

“They came back very impressed with the infection control measures the facility had made,” he said.

A full summary of that report can be viewed here:

“Overall feeling, I’m a little on edge,” said LaTonya Oliver. “Not hearing anything doesn’t make it any better.”

Oliver’s grandmother, Viola, is a resident in her 90s at Canterbury Rehab and has been there for several years.

The outbreak of COVID-19 at the facility has left Oliver and her family extremely worried. She said after the first case was announced they heard from administrators.

“But all these other cases that have been going on we haven’t heard anything since then,” Oliver said.

The Medical Director for the facility, James Wright, said on Wednesday he reached out to each family with a COVID-19 positive loved one. Other Canterbury workers apparently reached out to the families of all other residents.

Oliver said she tried to call the facility multiple times but didn’t get any answers, leaving her worried about her grandmother possibly being monitored for symptoms due to various health issues.

"I'm praying she isn't but I still haven't heard anything,” she said. “So it just makes me worry."

Thursday afternoon Oliver said, “My mom received a phone call about my grandmother. They said she was fine. We didn’t get to talk to her, but at least they finally gave us an update.”

The facility also mentioned they are establishing a dedicated phone line explicitly for families with questions and continue to encourage “virtual” visitations with loved ones.

Richmond and Henrico Health Director Dr. Danny Avula gives update on coronavirus

Richmond and Henrico Health Director Dr. Danny Avula gives update on coronavirus

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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