People rush to get last-minute haircuts before mandated closing

People rush to get last-minute haircuts before mandated closing

MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (WWBT) - The buzzing hum of hair clippers was non-stop on Tuesday inside Brovado Barbershop in Midlothian, as it is a fully-stacked day for staff.

“Today’s going to be crazy. It has been all morning, the phone’s been ringing constantly,” said co-owner Bill Robertson.

Robertson says that Monday, the shop had about seven or eight people booked. However, on the heels of Governor Ralph Northam’s new mandate to close non-essential businesses, they are completely full of appointments - for a grand total of 41.

“There was only two spots left," said Logan Niemoller of Midlothian, who booked as late as last night.

He originally planned to get his hair cut in a few weeks, until yesterday when he realized that the clock was ticking.

"I was like ‘Oh, I need to get my hair cut,’” Niemoller said. “I doubt there would have been openings anywhere else.”

Another customer who ended up on the good side of luck was Rhett Cavanaugh.

“I was due for a haircut when my wife told me that all the barbershops and hairstylists are going to be shut down, and I said to myself ‘okay, you need to go.’ It was not going to make it another 30 days," Cavanaugh said.

Robertson says that the next 30 days will be rough, but that he and his wife will be hitting up resources and taking it day by day as they ride out the closing.

“It was a lot to digest, but we have plenty of time to digest it now. We’ll be making a lot of phone calls and stuff really soon," he added.

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