GenetWorx speeds up coronavirus testing

Genetworx speeds up coronavirus testing - clipped version

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - A Henrico County lab developed a way to test more people for COVID-19 and get faster results.

GenetWorx in Innsbrook started testing today.

GenetWorx uses the same kit the CDC developed but is able to test nearly 10 times faster.

The lab’s CEO tells us that helping to identify cases faster - will help with containment and the spread of the virus.

“We felt a responsibility, as a part of the laboratory community, to do what we could to alleviate the situation. we realize it was spreading faster than we could contain it. so we wanted to make a difference,” said William Miller, CEO of GenetWorx.

The FDA put out guidelines this month that opened up testing to commercial labs like GenetWorx.

The lab is not only accepting samples from Virginia hospitals and private doctors, but also some from New York.

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