Governor pleads with public to stay indoors

Governor pleads with Virginians to stay indoors

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Governor Ralph Northam gave his daily briefing Sunday, announcing the total number of cases in Virginia had jumped to 219.

“This is not a holiday, this is not a vacation," he said, reminding the public that the risk is real - and it’s on us to help flatten the curve.

The governor, along with state epidemiologist Dr. Lilian Peake, and others from his administration, announced the state’s third death - a Fairfax man in his 60′s.

95 cases in Northern Virginia, 70 in the eastern part of the state, 28 in the central region, 20 Northwestern Virginia, and 6 cases in the Southwest portion of the region, according to Dr. Peake.

“We are seeing this sharp increase in positive tests, in part, because we do have more capability for testing,” said Governor Northam.

In addition, he said that his office has been in touch with companies about making and distributing personal protective equipment, or “PPE’s", for healthcare workers:

“Just yesterday, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management shipped a major supply of PPE to emergency medical services, health districts, and hospitals. This includes gloves, gowns, face masks and respirators.”

Unfortunately, another reason for the increase in cases - the governor says that health experts believe that the virus will be here now for months. He reiterated the seriousness of social distancing, asking localities to step in if needed.

“If a restaurant is violating the 10 patron rule, you need to shut them down. To our colleges and universities: no more fraternity parties. And for everyone: social distancing does not mean congregating on a crowded beach,” he added.

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