'We gotcha’: Dominion Energy crews working to make sure power isn’t an issue while many work from home

Inside Dominion Energy's new normal

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Not everyone can work from home, especially those people needed to keep the electrical grid up and running for all of us.

It may be a new building, but Dominion Energy’s downtown headquarters isn’t taking chances. It’s filled with now-familiar warning signs about COVID-19, along with Lysol and sanitizer placed everywhere.

The company’s system storm center isn’t tracking where the power’s out, it’s tracking where the virus has spread.

“Our product, we are aware, is much more important than ever,” said Alan Bradshaw, the director of electric distribution operations centers for Dominion Energy.

Bradshaw manages those who deliver the power and oversees the 24/7 nerve centers.

“Our linemen, the crews that you see every day responding out there to lights out calls and work. We’ve got to make sure that they’re going to be available for a long time,” Bradshaw said.

They’re wiping down bucket trucks between shifts, along with traveling with wipes and sanitizers.

Chris Dibble is working from home to keep the office empty. He’s the director of power generation operations, which means, he’s in charge of the power stations - the people who make the energy.

Even though there are so many people working at home, there are also lots of places that usually need power but not as active. Power bills in the next few months are an unknown.

“This is unprecedented so there’s really not a lot of history to tell us what the demand would be,” said Dibble.

He says operations at places, like the North Anna Power Station, are as normal as they can be.

“Not much changes in operation of the facility. They’re still following the same procedures,” said Dibble.

But they’re trying to stop the outside influences - to keep workers safe from infection.

“We’re restricting tours, restricting visitors that aren’t mission-critical. We’re certainly encouraging telecommuting. We’re working remotely.”

And if the power does go out near you, remember to keep a social distance when crews show up to make repairs.

“Typically customers may approach our linemen to ask questions. We just ask that, if you do that, you maintain social distance. We will do the same,” said Bradshaw.

As we’re all trying to learn this new normal. Dominion’s trying to make sure you don’t have to worry about what we often take for granted- the power of staying plugged in.

“We gotcha! From an electricity perspective, providing that. We’re on top of it,” said Dibble.

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