Customer leaves generous tip as coronavirus impacts businesses

Anonymous customer leaves generous tip

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - It’s been a frantic few days for the restaurant industry, but here’s an act of kindness that’ll put a smile on your face at a time you might need it.

Staff from Palani’s Drive got a tip from a customer that they’ll never forget for its dedicated customer service.

“When I picked it up, my jaw just dropped I was like - what?” said bartender Chelsea Keyton.

Sunday afternoon bartender Chelsea Keyton was rewarded by an anonymous customer with a generous tip of $100 on an $18 tab.

“I picked it up and looked at it and I saw that he left such a big tip. So I wanted to run out and thank him,” said Keyton.

On the check, the customer wrote, “This sucks, I’m sorry things are slow. This isn’t much but I hope it helps.”

“I was completely blown away,” said Keyton.

generous tip receipt at Palani's Drive
generous tip receipt at Palani's Drive (Source: Palani's Drive)

Chelsea says the customer must of overhead her conversation about them thinking of ways to bring people in.

“I could tell that he didn’t really want to be expressively thanked but he wanted to be generous and it was very kind of him,” said Keyton.

Owner Jeff Weatherly says it wasn’t about the money, but how understanding that customer was.

“We’re very grateful and just wanted to say thanks for the understanding for what it’s like to go through these times,” said Weatherly.

“It’s nice to know that they appreciate us and how we appreciate them," said Keyton. “I just really appreciated it and I hope if he sees this he knows how much this means to me.”

The tip was spread evenly among all the staff.

“It helped all of us out that day," said Keyton.

Weatherly said that kind gesture re-energizes him and lets him know that he’s making the right decision by staying open.

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