Long lines, empty shelves as people flock to stores amid coronavirus threat

Long lines and empty shelves as people flock to stores amid Coronavirus threat; Where you can still find items

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Many people have raced to stores to stock up on everything from sanitizer, water and even toilet paper at the threat of coronavirus spreads.

Many want to be prepared for the possibility of being quarantined at home.

Parking lots are flooded, aisles are packed and shelves are left bare after a rush of people flocked to stores to stock up on essentials.

“There was little to no water,” shopper Meka Moore said.

“There’s no toilet paper. Zero toilet paper,” shopper Laura Mason.

Mason says she has many mouths to feed so she had to stock up.

“It’s busy! It’s probably the busiest I’ve ever seen on a Friday morning,” Mason said.

“There were a lot of people inside. Many people are trying to get the things they need,” Moore said.

Moore has two teenage mouths to feed and they will be home for the next two weeks.

Governor Ralph Northam ordered schools to close for a minimum of two weeks.

Many of the large retail stores have placed a limit on the number of items you can buy.

Shashi Zota, the owner of the Trolley Market near VCU’s campus, says the small businesses are usually forgotten.

“We are fully stocked and we have everything anyone would need,” Zota said.

Zota still has plenty of toilet paper and he says there’s more in the back.

Lines inside big stores are expected to grow as people get off work and head into the weekend

“Just be patient and mindful that everyone’s here to get the same thing. Take your time,” Moore said.

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