Cutting Subscription and Streaming Service Costs

Cutting Subscription and Streaming Service Costs

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Most of us cut the cord, so, we could save money. But, if you’ve signed up for a ton of streaming options, you may be paying more than you know. About 84% of consumers in a survey underestimated what they shell out on their subscription services, according to a report by Chicago-based consulting firm Waterstone Managment Group.

In fact—when asked to estimate that spending—people guessed it was around $79 a month. But when they actually counted up all of those subscriptions—they realized they were spending $237 a month!

From Netflix to Disney Plus, Amazon, Youtube TV, Apple TV--HULU... Here’s how to cut that down.

First—check your credit card accounts and make a list of all of the subscriptions you have.

Some of the sneakiest subscriptions are the ones you sign up for as a free trial—but then neglect to cancel.

If you haven't used that subscription in a month, cancel it!

And look for ways to cut redundant services: Maybe that means shelving Hulu for a week, to see if you could live with just Netflix, or vice versa.

And if you are having trouble finding the cancel button on your TV-- trying logging onto the site online.

And if all else fails-- literally google, how do I cancel this subscription.

$9.99 a month doesn't feel like much, but that's $120 a year, multiplied by four or five-- if you have several subscriptions.

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