Fans disappointed they can’t attend upcoming Randolph-Macon game

Fans disappointed after not being able to attend Randolph-Macon game

ASHLAND, Va. (WWBT) - Randolph-Macon College fans who paid to see their team play in Friday’s Sweet 16 game won’t get the chance.

The game will still take place but the NCAA is banning fans from attending games right now amid Coronavirus concerns.

Randolph-Macon fans have been there cheering their team to victory all season.

"Campus consensus {is} we’re all really excited,” student Katie Chohan said.

They were expecting to show their support when the team is scheduled to take on Yeshiva from New York Friday in the Sweet 16.

"Oh, we're hype. I know the game sold out like last week,” Daniel Aguiar added.

Now, every player who bought a ticket will have to get their money refunded.

It’s a new development that came Wednesday amid Coronavirus concerns. The NCAA made the call to ban fans from attending championship games.

"I’m paranoid about health so that’s really not something I’d feel comfortable going to,” Chohan said.

Even though she was really looking forward to this. Both she and Aguiar play in the pep band.

"Now we can't play because of it,” Aguiar said.

The head of the NCAA said in a statement he understands this is disappointing for fans but the decision was made due to how the virus is progressing. He adds adjustments will be made as needed.

“I kind of understand why they aren’t allowing fans into the actual games because there’s a lot of yelling, stomping,” Chohan said.

"It's going to be different because it's going to be really quiet,” Aguiar said.

Yet, fans say the changes won’t stop the show.

"There’s the whole home-court advantage and everything...Their ability to perform well isn’t based solely on the audience,” Chohan said.

Thursday, fans can begin requesting refunds for the sold-out game.

Friday’s 2 p.m. game will be live-streamed, here.

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