Richmond nurse gives back to the homeless

Acts of Kindness: Nurse with a giving spirit receives Acts of Kindness award

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Two people, enjoying each other’s company, free of judgment, led by love, and a bit of music.

“We’re not just there to feed, we’re there to be a part of them. So it’s not just handing them a plate of food and walking away,” Misty Berry said.

Berry is a nurse and oftentimes you will find her giving back to the homeless community, handing out meals, warm blankets, and dancing.

Stephanie Howell met Misty Berry about ten years ago, their daughters play softball together.

“I feel like she gives to everyone, whether it’s paying for someone’s meal behind at a fast-food line or giving to the homeless. Misty is the most giving selfless person I know” Howell says. ”We treat them not like they’re hopeless, just like you and I. Just to show them that other people can love them too,” Berry said.

That giving spirit is why NBC12 decided to give her our weekly “Acts of Kindness” award.

“I just feel like no one ever does for her and she literally does for everyone so I wanted her to feel appreciated, and loved, and recognized,” Howell said.

If you’re wondering how Misty pays for it all, she picks up extra hours at work, to make sure she can selflessly give.

”That’s just her spirit, she is just a loving, kind person,” Howell said.

Knowing that if life ever got too hard, and she needed help - these acts of kindness will find their way back to her as well.

“I want to make sure that when it’s my time to help somebody is there for me. Take time and love the people around you and help the people around you, because you never know when you will need that person,” Berry said.

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