Companies taking extra precautions to protect health of workers

Companies implementing measures to protect the health of employees

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - More and more companies are stepping up to the front lines in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

This includes things like having workers working remotely or limiting travel.

Finance giant Capital One, for example, said in a statement that they will be halting non-essential business travel for its workers, temporarily. The Richmond-based security company, Brinks, also says it is taking similar steps.

“A lot of times, adversity creates solutions that you find out are better, so it very well may change things ultimately for the better," said University of Richmond Finance Professor Tom Arnold.

He says these protocols will force people in these companies to change how they work with other regional offices – now, perhaps all remotely.

“It takes a while for a lot of that to evolve, and a lot of that just happens to do with different timetables for people. It would be interesting to see how communications within corporations change or adapt because of this,” he said.

Another possible big change comes from United States Senator Tim Kaine, who recently announced an emergency bill that would mandate that companies offer workers 14 days of paid sick leave in times of health emergencies, like the coronavirus.

He said in a statement, in part, that “workers deserve flexibility without fear of losing a paycheck".

In addition to the 14 days, the bill also calls for employers to allow workers to accrue up to 7 days of paid sick leave.

On a national level, President Donald Trump announced an economic stimulus for companies affected by the virus, but Arnold says that the underlying fear may trump any sort of help.

“Until the Coronavirus seems to be hitting its ebb and flow and starting to reduce, I don’t think markets are going to change all that much from what they are right now," he added.

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