Police identify man killed in Henrico officer-involved shooting

The woman remains in critical condition

Man shot, killed by police wanted for carjacking

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - The man who was shot by Henrico police while attacking a woman Thursday night in Henrico’s West End has died.

Henrico and Richmond Police were called to the 2300 block of Strangford Court for an outstanding warrant for a man.

Richmond Police said Ajay Kamil Ayseli, 31, was wanted in connection to a carjacking on Feb. 25 that happened in the 00 block of Labrook Concourse on Richmond’s Southside. The female victim told officers she knew Ayseli, and said he stole her vehicle.

Once officers arrived at the home on Strangford Court Thursday night, they made contact with Ayseli in the driveway. He then quickly fled into the home where they then saw him attack a woman with a weapon.

Officer involved shooting in Henrico, two people in hospital in critical condition. Sources say a 3 yr old was in the home at the time. Brent Solomon NBC12 is live on scene.

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, March 5, 2020

"I heard the yelling and the screaming and just hysterical screaming,” said neighbor William Anderson. “A woman basically screaming for her life."

Anderson said he rushed to his front porch and saw four officers with their guns drawn.

"I could hear them yelling come out, come out, come out,” he said. “Then I heard 'he's holding her hostage' and then I thought I heard, ‘he's got a gun.’ Then immediately after that there were two gunshots, maybe three gunshots."

“The adult male was attacking the adult female when the officer discharged his weapon,” police said.

Anderson believes the officer’s actions potentially saved the woman’s life.

“This would be a time when a police shooting would be thoroughly justified to protect a life," he said.

There was a three-year-old boy inside the home as the situation unfolded; he was not hurt.

“The police were very good about that,” Anderson said. “They came out with him, carrying him and ran to another police officer who then went off with him.”

A family member who was at the home Friday said the toddler is with family as his mother recovers.

Ayseli and the woman, who the family said were previously in a relationship, were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Police said Ayseli died later that night.

The woman, who was stabbed multiple times, is listed in critical but stable condition.

“We’ve known her for several years and I certainly didn’t want anything bad to happen to her,” Anderson said.

A family member who spoke with NBC12 said he was cleaning up the home and is thankful the woman is still alive.

Meanwhile neighbors, like Anderson, are also thankful police were there to control the situation.

“What happened is tragic but at least she’s going to be okay,” Anderson said.

According to court records, Ayseli recently got out of jail after serving a two-year sentence for grand larceny. He did have a lengthy criminal record with convictions for burglary and traffic related offenses.

Henrico’s Chief of Police, Humberto Cardounel, Jr., was on scene Thursday night as the investigation unfolded.

Friday he released the following statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved in this traumatic event. This incident underscores the difficult decisions law enforcement officers are faced with on a daily basis. Sworn to serve and protect, our officers are trained to use deadly force as an absolute last resort. However, initial details in this incident suggest the actions of the officers saved the life of the female victim being violently attacked – had they not acted more swiftly, more lives may have been tragically lost. I continue to have complete faith in the men and women sworn to protect our community and have every confidence in the teams tasked with objectively investigating this incident. Please be mindful we are in the very early stages of this investigation and will provide updates as we gather the facts.”

The officer who fired his weapon has been placed on paid administrative duty, per protocol.

An internal investigation will be conducted and any findings will be turned over to the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney.

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