About that time: Daylight saving time strikes again

(Gray News) - Like it or not, it’s time to spring forward again.

Most people in the U.S. will lose an hour this Sunday thanks to daylight saving time, which is designed to cause sunrise and sunset to happen later in the day, giving people a bit more daylight for their activities.

The time change began early in the 20th century and is still going strong, despite the complaints and evidence that it may have detrimental effects of people’s biological clocks and alertness.

A study that JAMA published in November indicates what many already suspected through their own experiences - that the tradition of setting our clocks ahead in the spring throws our biological clocks off. Among the downsides cited by the Vanderbilt researchers: increased risk of heart attack, ischemic stroke and fatal accidents.

Feeling psyched yet?

There are some benefits to daylight saving time, among those a lower crime rate, a study from Brookings claimed, as well as a much-touted slight decrease in energy usage cited by the Energy Department.

Not everyone in the U.S. observes the time change, with Arizona and Hawaii opting out of the Uniform Time Act.

Arizona doesn’t do it because of their hot summers, and Hawaii, being closer to the equator, doesn’t see a benefit since the amount of daylight there doesn’t change much over the course of a year.

Some are trying to change the way we experience time as a nation.

Ten states have passed bills either making daylight saving time permanent or discarding it in favor of standard time, and other bills being considered, according to #Locktheclock, a movement to stop the twice-a-year time change.

However, standardizing time requires federal action, and the latest efforts seem to have faltered.

The Sunshine Protection Act of 2019, a bill to make daylight saving the permanent standard time, stalled in the Senate, as did a similar measure introduced in the House of Representatives last year.

Sen. Marco Rubio, the author of the Sunshine Protection Act, denounced the time change in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, calling it “stupid.”

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