4th Annual Black Restaurant Experience in full swing

2020 Richmond Black Restaurant Experience

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Richmond’s Black Restaurant Experience is now in full swing!

The week of March 1-8 is dedicated to supporting the city’s black-owned restaurants in the growing culinary scene.

Organizers launched the event last year to bring exposure to Richmond’s black-owned restaurants.

Richmond's Black restaurant experience participants
Richmond's Black restaurant experience participants (Source: Black Richmond's Black restaurant experience)

Each year the list of restaurants grows with new businesses, such as newcomers Soul & Vinegar and Tipsy Cupcakes RVA who both say their first restaurant week has been nothing less than amazing.

“I looked at the sales yesterday and we done good numbers for a Tuesday and we don’t usually make that many sales on a Tuesday,” said Soul & Vinegar cafe manager, Charles Bolling II.

Black restaurant experience week 2020 - Businesses explaining their first restaurant experience

“Previously we always participated in Black Restaurant Week, so when we opened up Tipsy Cupcake that was on the top of our priority list was to be in Black Restaurant Week. So the fact that we are actually here on the other side as a business, it has been absolutely amazing," said Tipsy Cupcakes RVA owners, Mesha and Shay Cousins.

Several restaurants have special menu’s made specifically for this restaurant week.

Black restaurant experience week 2020 - Managers and Owners explaining menu items

Soul & Vinegar only offers their grilled pimento cheese sandwich at their ICA location at 601. W Broad St. and not their location in Church Hill.

The Black Restaurant Experience also has events for you to try out and they end with their signature “Stick A Fork In It” event at the Altria Ballroom.

For a full list of locations, click here.

Black restaurant experience week 2020 - Terrance tasting signature items

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