Old school measures securing elections in Virginia

Old school measures securing elections in Virginia

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Gray DC) - As the votes pour in this Super Tuesday, security is at the top of some voters’ minds.

With meddling in the 2016 general election, Virginians are hoping their votes will count. In Northern Virginia, some are taking comfort in old school tactics. Voters say in 2020 they have no reason to believe their votes will be compromised.

From 7 a.m. there was a steady stream of voting inside the gymnasium at John Adams Elementary School in West Alexandria, VA. Voters filled out their paper ballots, fed them to an election official who inserted them into their counting system.

Larry Torrez, an Alexandria voter feels his vote is protected this cycle. He says he knows well the problems that can stem from digital voting considering his profession in information technologies.

Torrez says he hears rumors of potential interference in the 2020 cycle, but he thinks experts and election officials are taking their jobs seriously. He likes his precinct’s fail-safe methods.

“The way they do it here is pretty safe because it’s as old school as you can get. It’s fill out the ballot, you watch it load into the machine and register the vote. That method has been the most consistent,” said Torrez.

Election officials say one variable they have to deal with is curbside voting for those having trouble walking to the polls. An election official goes out to the voter’s car, hands him or her a ballot, and makes sure everything gets into the system safe and sound, just like a normal ballot.

Polls close in Alexandria at 7pm.

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