Former Va. Governor endorses Joe Biden for President

Former Va. Governor endorses Joe Biden for President
Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe endorses former Vice President Joe Biden for President

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Virginia’s 72nd Governor has pledged his support for former Vice President Joe Biden after the Democrat won big in South Carolina’s primary Saturday.

In a new release by former Governor Terry McAuliffe he said in part, “We can’t afford four more years of Donald Trump’s hate-driven chaos and Joe Biden is the candidate with the character, experience, and broad appeal to defeat him.”

The announcement comes after Biden had his first victory in three tries at the Democratic nomination, and it came during the fourth Democratic primary contest of the 2020 election season.

“I’ve always said that our best leaders is one who can build a broad coalition, including African American voters who are the heart of the Democratic party. After South Carolina, it is clear Joe Biden is that leader.”

The former Virginia Governor also mentioned the widely discussed global issue of the coronavirus, and criticized President Donald Trump’s ability to deal with global issues.

“At a time of global risks from coronavirus to the Middle East conflicts, we need Joe Biden’s experience to repair the damage Trump’s incompetence has done to our world,” he said. “And at a time of rising hate as we saw in Charlottesville, we need Joe Biden’s character and decency to repair the damage that Trump’s rhetoric has done to our country.”

McAuliffe’s support also comes after Virginia Senator Tim Kaine’s endorsement of the former V.P. earlier this week. Biden is expected to campaign with Kaine in Norfolk Sunday.

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