Senator Amy Klobuchar stops in Richmond ahead of Super Tuesday

Amy Klobuchar in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Super Tuesday is right around the corner, and many presidential hopefuls are asking for votes across the country.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar stopped by Richmond Saturday at the Altria Theater, hoping to gain support.

Klobuchar had a total of four appearances Saturday; the event at the Altria was the only one in the Commonwealth.

“Having a candidate that brings people with her instead of shutting them out is key in a state like Virginia,” said Senator Klobuchar.

That message was heard by her supporters.

“I like her attitude that she’s calm and I think she would do well bringing the country together, it’s so divided," said Margo Sommer, Chesterfield.

“I think she seems to be the most rational," said Ellie Willard, Richmond.

“She seems like a pretty straightforward person, so I’m impressed by that," said Mike Shaver, Richmond.

The Democrat taking aim at who she calls 'the Divider in Chief," President Donald Trump, particularly how he handled the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, back in 20-17.

“When I look at what this guy has done in the White House, the mean tweets, the going after people...after Charlottesville when he said there were two sides. There are not two sides when one side is a KKK, there is only one side,” said Klobuchar.

But the candidate isn’t faring too well in the polls; the latest poll from the Wasson Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University has Klobuchar at just 5 percent, but her supporters say they’re still behind her.

“She’s reasonable. I want people to listen to what she has to say, because, in the end, Democrats want to beat Trump and I think a woman can beat him," said Dawn Grois, Richmond.

Other presidential hopefuls are visiting the Commonwealth this weekend, including former Vice President Joe Biden, who will be in Norfolk Sunday, Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Charlottesville, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was in Northern Virginia Saturday.

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