Bernie Sanders rallies thousands in Richmond ahead of Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders rallies thousands in Richmond ahead of Super Tuesday

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - The leading Democratic candidate, in a still crowded field for president, took his message to Richmond on Thursday.

“What real politics is about, you know - it’s not attacking somebody. It’s not a three-second zinger. It’s not all that stuff. What it’s about? Honesty. It’s not complicated. It’s about taking a hard look at where we are as a nation,” said Bernie Sanders.

Sanders addressed thousands at the Arthur Ashe, Jr. Athletic Center as part of a get-out-the-vote barnstorm ahead of Tuesday's primary in Virginia.

“We’re going to knock on as many doors as we can. We’re going to make as many phone calls as we can. Gotta get our agenda out to as many Virginians as possible because it is an agenda that speaks to the needs of working families. That’s why I think we are doing so well,” said Sanders.

Sanders also hit some of the main talking points from his stump speech including his push for universal health care, tuition-free college and raising the minimum wage.

“I just love his ideas. He’s very progressive in the sense he relates to our community, especially the minorities. He also relates heavily with everyone," said Richmond resident Angel Garcia.

During the rally, Sanders also took a swing at competitor Mike Bloomberg saying the former New York City Mayor should not be able to buy an election.

Meanwhile, Sanders says the commonwealth is critical to a White House win for Democrats.

“Virginia is a large state. They have a lot of delegates. We want to do as well as we possibly can here. You know, we’re fighting a hard fight to win the Democratic primary. Virginia plays an important role in that. Frankly, I think we have the strongest campaign to defeat Donald Trump and Virginia will play an important part in that process," said Sanders.

The Sanders campaign is spending money in the state as well. They’ve rolled out a pair of new television ads ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

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