Thinking big, building small: Henrico man builds tiny house to help ease house buyers wallet

Thinking big, building tiny

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - The tiny living trend that has been gaining popularity over the last few years, and now the tiny house movement is making its way to Henrico.

Douglas Tyler, founder of “A Tiny House LLC” recently built his first tiny house from scratch to show that going big on a home isn’t always better for your wallet.

“There is so much excess space that doesn’t get used. For example, that fancy dining room in your mom’s house that you’re not allowed to sit in except Thanksgiving,” said Tyler.

The trend is defying the odds proving that sometimes bigger isn’t always better and less really is more.

“The 30-year mortgage of a typical home is frustrating to me - it’s a ball and chain,” said Tyler. “When I look at the world and learn that 90% of the world population is starving - you feel guilty and it inspires you to think more efficiently."

Tyler is a former project manager who’s only done small projects.

“I built a nightstand and an end table,” said Tyler.

With no prior experience other than being a project manager, several hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, and how-to books, Tyler took a leap of faith and built his first tiny house.

“I wanted you to have all the amenities of regular living that people have gotten used to - it’s just some of them on a smaller scale,” said Tyler. “Big design theme around this tiny house was to make sure this kitchen was fully functioning to the point where a chef could cook a meal and entertain their guest at the same time.”

The tiny house has top of the line appliances, full-size bathroom, loft that fits a queen-size bed or king and a space heater worth over $1,000!

Tyler’s tiny house is listed at $75,000 but depending on the bells and whistles you want inside, tiny homes can range anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000.

To learn more about Tyler’s tiny house, click here.

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