Man accused of threatening school employee, commandeering GRTC bus

Man accused of threatening school employee, commandeering GRTC bus

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A man is facing an abduction charge after police say he threatened a worker at Ginter Park Elementary School.

Raymond Frink, 36, of Newport News was arrested Monday morning after he also tried to commandeer a GRTC bus.

Richmond Police say around 7:40 a.m., Frink allegedly entered a classroom at the elementary school, confronted a school employee and made threatening comments.

Police say Frink later left the room, closing the door behind him, adding that the school employee did not feel as though the could leave the room at the time.

It was after that incident that the suspect was able to board a GRTC bus.

Richmond Police says they responded to Brook Road and Azalea Avenue after the Newport News man allegedly then tried to take over the bus. GRTC says he was already on board for a few stops.

“This bus was stopped at the end of the line at Brook Road and Azalea Avenue, and that is when the passenger started behaving erratically,” said GRTC Communications Director Carrie Rose Pace.

Investigators say that Frink allegedly pretended he had a gun while trying to get the bus operator to drive off. He eventually ran off towards the direction of Henrico County, where local police eventually nabbed him.

Luckily, the driver was able to use emergency buttons inside the bus, which alerts GRTC dispatch – who then got the authorities involved.

“This operator followed proper protocol: notified our radio dispatcher by using one of those emergency buttons, which insured that Henrico and Richmond police departments could respond in a swift manner," Pace said, adding that driver’s calm and safe handling of the situation helped them walk away unscathed.

“The operator was uninjured, and our focus is to make sure they get all the care that they need after this incident,” she said.

Frink is now facing a charge of abduction related to the incident at the elementary school. He was originally facing charges of abduction of the bus driver, plus an attempted carjacking charge, but RPD says those charges are now pending.

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