It’s time to prepare for pre-K registration in Chesterfield, Henrico

It’s time to prepare for pre-K registration in Chesterfield, Henrico

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Hundreds of children in Chesterfield and Henrico will qualify to go to prekindergarten for free. And the time is now to apply!

Early childhood education, tremendously improves a child’s chance of success when entering kindergarten. Prekindergarten also eases the transition for small children, adjusting to school.

“They know how to do school," said Yseult Vin-Franck, with Chesterfield County Public Schools. "They know the school, they know how to navigate the cafeteria. They know how to navigate going to the art room - those types of things. So, yes, definitely, it’s much more welcoming for those that have had that experience.”

Chesterfield has space to serve 628 kids who will be four by Sept. 30, but you have to registry to qualify and the first wave of registration begins next week, on the 27.

The prekindergarten spots are reserved for children with the greatest need. Apply online here.

“There might be a few things that you need to get your hands on,” said Vin-Franck. "We don’t always have them right there with us, but the birth certificate is definitely something that we ask for. "

You’ll need a parent/guardian photo ID and any custody paperwork, proof of income, proof of residency. And if you live with someone in the district, you must bring the person you live with and a lease or proof of residency.

If your student has an IEP, bring that paperwork. And bring your child- there is a small screening!

“Maybe ask how old you are, do you know your name?" said Vin-Franck. "Can you count to ten? Those types of things. It’s really just a short screening to see where the child is functioning at this time.”

Henrico schools are also starting prekindergarten applications. The school district is holding it’s first recruiting event on March 10 at the Eastern Henrico Rec Center. Apply online and find more information here.

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