Man charged with animal cruelty after 21 dogs found dead, 1 rescued in Dinwiddie

21 Dead dogs found at home kennel

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WWBT) - A man has been charged with animal cruelty after 21 dogs were found dead and one rescued from a kennel in Dinwiddie.

The county’s animal control office received an anonymous tip regarding animals at an address in the 12000 block of Boydton Plank Road.

At the home of suspect Floyd Maitland, officers found 21 dead dogs and one surviving dog within 10 pens and a common run area.

“They called me and said they had some deceased animals on the property, and there was still one dog alive," Chief Warden Alvin Langley said of the initial trip by officers.

All of the dogs involved appear to be a common hunting breed known as walker hounds.

Langley believes some of the dogs may have been decomposing for weeks, adding that this case is a something new, in his fourteen years with Animal Control.

“We’ve had maybe one dog, maybe two dogs dead. But nothing of this magnitude," he said.

The news of the dead canines came as a shock to Doris Hardy, who lives nearby. She says she could hears the dogs barking occasionally, assuming it was only about four or five, and that they never sounded in distress.

“Sometimes they’ll be barking. They’ll bark, and then you won’t hear them anymore,” Hardy said.

She is even more troubled to know her own dog is buried just yards away from the kennel.

“I think it’s disgusting. I didn’t know that was going on around here. Disgusting to see someone treat dogs like that - animals like that. And let them die too?” she said.

The surviving 9-month old dog is now in the care of a veterinarian. All the deceased dogs are being evaluated to determine the cause of death.

Maitland is now charged with two counts of animal cruelty with additional charges pending an investigation.

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