Man reunited with lost family photos

Man reunited with lost family photos
Linda Catoe and Frank Squillace (Source: WVIR)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Dozens of pictures found in an office building on Preston Avenue several months ago are now back in the proper hands.

NBC29 brought you this story Thursday night about a man who posted the collection of photos on Craigslist and the woman determined to find the owners.

Squillace family photo
Squillace family photo (Source: WVIR)

Well, now the search is over.

Frank Squillace was reunited Friday, February 14, with family photos that had been missing for more than 25 years.

Squillace says he has moved a few times, so he didn’t even realize some of his family pictures were missing from his bins.

The man who posted the Craigslist ad said he was about to discard them, but Linda Catoe stepped in to find the rightful owner. She kept the photos safe and secure at her Court Square office.

Linda Catoe
Linda Catoe (Source: WVIR)

"She's an angel. I was talking to my buddies this morning about how angels come across your life, and she's certainly an angel, just someone out of the blue," Squillace said.

Frank Squillace
Frank Squillace (Source: WVIR)

Franks says as soon as the story aired Thursday night he got many texts and calls from his friends. He says how the bin got to the office building will always remain a mystery unsolved.

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