Mother claims daughters have been bullied for months at Richmond school

RPS Mom: Daughters have been bullied for months

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Richmond mom is calling for more action from school officials, as she says her daughters have been the subjects of bullies for months.

Charlene Riley said that she has spoken to the administration at Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary because of multiple incidents of bullying against her 2nd and 5th-grade daughters.

She adds that she’s gone all the way to Richmond Police at least twice to file reports on the other students; one of those reports was filed on Wednesday and that the school’s principal advised her to keep her kids at home on Thursday.

“Well, the first assault happened in like September, and then one was in November, one was in December," Riley said, adding that there was another one in January in addition to the Wednesday incident.

The mother says her two daughters and other children in their neighborhood have been the target of bullies for some time.

“I’ve been to the [bullies’] house, I talked to the principal, I have police reports, I don’t know what to do,” she said.

It all came to a head when Riley’s oldest daughter, Ameerah Pride, decided to finally stand up for a male student that she says was getting picked on.

“I knew it was none of my business, but I didn’t want two bigger girls to be hitting on a skinny, smaller person. I asked if they could stop and then they started assaulting me, and I said ‘what’s up, then?’" Pride said.

She says it then got physical, with RPD confirming that they are investigating the altercation as a simple assault.

Riley says that she would hope it wouldn’t get to this point, but that even after speaking with school administration, she doesn’t feel anything is being done about the suspected bullies.

“It’s like they’re taking little chips at my kids’ self-esteem that they don’t have to," she said. “If you show the kids that this is not a game, and you are not playing, and you have consequences that reflect a zero-tolerance to bullying and hitting, then I think people will take it more seriously.”

RPS said in a statement that while they cannot comment on specific cases, “RPS is committed to providing safe and loving school cultures for all students and staff. We take reports of bullying seriously and reported incidents are promptly investigated and addressed.”

Riley added that she is considering legal action as the next step.

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