It’s time to pre-register for kindergarten in Chesterfield County

Welcome to the Class of 2033!
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:29 PM EST
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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Believe it or not, if you have a child that will be five by Sept. 30, it’s time to start thinking about Kindergarten. In fact, in Chesterfield County, you even have some recommended homework.

It’s a big-time of change: riding the school bus, meeting new friends, and starting at school. It’s a big day for students and parents...and for schools, working to prepare.

“We need to know how many kindergarten teachers we are going to need next year so we are prepared to hire," explained Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement for Chesterfield County Public Schools, Tim Bullis. "There is a critical shortage of kindergarten teachers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. So, the earlier we know how many children are coming to us next year, the better we are going to be in terms of staffing.”

That’s one reason Chesterfield County Public Schools benefits from pre-registering for kindergarten registration. This is the second year the school system has used pre-registration.

Kindergarten registration is April 16 across our region this year- and in Chesterfield County, you will need to bring your child with you to the school for an assessment.

Doing that “optional homework” before you arrive, will save your family time and possibly a document headache.

“If a parent has not pre-registered, they’re going to have to go to a separate line and they’re going to spend about 30 minutes filling out paperwork, and that’s if it’s not a busy time of the day,” said Bullis.

Each school could see upwards of 150 families on that day.

A kindergarten readiness fair will also be held on May 7. It’s a chance to ride a school bus, check out the lunch line and get ready to become part of the class of 2033.

“We want our students to know colors, to know shapes, to know their letters,” said Bullis. “We want them to know the beginning parts of reading. So, anything that a family can do to read and make sure that a child is used to hearing stories and sounds, that will give them a start in public education.”

Chesterfield County also put together this fun list of activities for the summer, which can be found here.

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