New birthing center opens, accepting Medicaid and some insurance plans

New Birthing Center Opens, Accepting Medicaid and Some Insurance Plans

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Expectant parents now have a new option for where to give birth. A new center has opened in Henrico and it takes insurance.

Just a few doors down from the Lakeside Fire Station, in what looks like a cozy house, sits River City Midwifery. The birth center recently opened its doors and is run by two area midwives.

They say this center, is the only birthing center in Central Virginia to accept in-network health insurance.

“Not everyone can stroke a check for an out of hospital birth," said midwife, Adrianna Ross. "Insurance is a big factor. So, we have worked really hard and now we’re in-network with Anthem. Now we accept Medicaid. We want out-of-hospital birth to be an option for whoever wants it and for financial barriers to be the reason why you can not have it.”

Adrianna Ross said the facility is meant to feel more home-like with your own full kitchen, bathroom and tub room with deep soaking tub.

“It’s a really intimate experience," said Ross. "Like I said, we really get to know each other. There’s no surprises. Care is based off of informed choice.”

Those choices start with prenatal care and testing.

“What is this test and what information is it going to give us?” said Ross, who as she was explaining the process. “What are your options for testing? If you test this way, what are your options then? Really, it’s a team player environment. I’m not telling anyone what to do. I’m just here to provide information and support and keep mom and baby healthy.”

The birth center is low-intervention, so no epidurals, for example.

“We know that women can give birth this way and they do all the time,” said Ross.

The practice offers new moms care at home after birth, too.

“After they have their baby, we come back to their home at 24 hours, we come back to their home at 3 days, we come back at 7 days," said Ross. "So you can just stay snuggled up there. We provide all of the screens, we’re doing weight checks, jaundice checks. We are working with a wonderful pediatrician who will also do follow up care.”

The midwives say they are intentionally close to the fire department. That way, in an emergency, they can transition to the hospital immediately.

You can learn more about the birthing center, HERE.

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