Talk to your teens about protecting their identity online

Talk to your teens about protecting their identity online

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -Your teens are probably online more than they watch TV these days. Which means they need to be extra careful-- so they don't get ripped off or have their identity stolen.

Teens can be very lax about their presence online and not really realize the information that they share can be used against them. Or that information shared online can really impact them in the future. They might be bombarded with ads or free stuff online-- they need to learn to be skeptical of these offers.

If someone approaches them about becoming an influencer-- they need to make sure it's a real company.

Cherry Dale with the Virginia Credit Union helped us put this list together. She says strong passwords for your teens is an important lesson. and you need to remind them don’t give their passwords to their friends. EVER! “If they have their phones out and they they’re like ‘oh take a picture’ of me and they give them their password to their phone even. It can be dangerous because you’re giving them access to everything that is on your phone,” said Dale.

She says teach your kids to memorize their social security numbers so they never carry their social security card with them. They’ll need that information for first jobs and even college applications and student loan information.

You want to make sure you teen understands everything they post is accessible-- its public to others-- even future employers. Help them change all their privacy settings on apps to private.

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