Finding cheaper car insurance

Finding cheaper car insurance

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - If you’re not shopping for car insurance twice a year, you could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table. Shop around for the best rate! Pick up the phone and call-- or search online. And our partners at the financial website NerdWallet say-- don’t overlook the smaller insurers you might not have heard as much about.

Don't assume one company is the cheapest. You're going to have to do some price comparison work.

Pay your bills on time. Your credit score is a significant factor in your car insurance quotes.

And when you buy a new car, don’t forget to factor in how much your insurance will go up with that new vehicle.

In a 2019 study NerdWallet found Subaru Outbacks, Jeep Wranglers and Honda CR-V’s had the lowest insurance rates.

Nerdwallet rates the major car insurance companies and even has a calculator to help you find the cheapest rate near you.

There’s also a free website called The Zebra that will do all the comparing for you.

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