Recyclable plastic grocery bags made in Richmond facility

Recycled plastic bags made in RVA

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Here’s something to think about the next time you’re asked, “paper or plastic” at the store. Many of the plastic bags you’re offered are made right here in Richmond by a company called Novolex, based in Henrico.

“You can find those bags everywhere in the retail industry, the retail grocery market the retail food distribution centers,” said Plant Manager at Richmond Novolex facility, Boyd Selby. “These products are completely 100% recyclable.”

This Richmond packaging company is one of seven locations that manufacture recycled bags.

Out of its 112 employees, most of the workers are from the Richmond area.

“Just a great group of people here supporting the local economy and lots of pride that we do here in the Richmond plant,” said Selby.

As part of it’s 'Bag 2 Bag’ program, the company encourages you to return their used plastic bags to one of its 30,000 drop-off locations nationwide.

“Those bags go back into making a clean product and it prevents the product from making it into places that are less desirable,” said Selby.

The company’s mission is to cut the amount of bags making it to a landfill but also give its employees a sense of pride as they print the numbers on the bag that symbolize who makes the bags.

“Their initials are actually printed on those bags so we know the day, date and the sequence of events as they got processed,” said Selby.

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