Concerns over speeding drivers on Parham Rd. near high school

Concerns over speeding drivers on Parham Rd. near high school

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Speeding drivers on Parham Road have left some Tucker High School parents concerned about the safety of students.

Typically, N. Parham Road is 45 mph in front of the high school, but when the school gets in and out it drops down to 25 mph. One parents said drivers aren’t obeying the speed limits.

"You can fix a car but you can't bring back a person once they're killed," said Lynda Kulp.

Since Kulp attended Tucker High School in the ‘90s, traffic on Parham Road has certainly increased.

"Yes absolutely," she said.

Her son used to walk and bike to school, but after an accident last fall she now drives him.

"He almost got hit by a vehicle and wrecked his bicycle," Kulp said.

Over the last few months Kulp has contacted school leaders, the County and even police about speeding drivers. Police said they are aware of the problem.

"From coming to school to drop my son off, all three officers have a vehicle pulled over and by the time I’m leaving to go home they have three different vehicles pulled over," Kulp said.

NBC12 used its own radar gun to find out how fast drivers were traveling. Many of them clocking in anywhere in the mid 30 mph range, but also slamming on their breaks when they saw the flashing school zone sign.

"My fear is that one of these students is going to get hit and killed," Kulp said.

Henrico County Public Works Director, Steve Yob, said a nearly $5 million project is in the works to create a new traffic signal at Homeview Drive and N. Parham Road.

The plan would also build at least 3,000 feet of sidewalk along Parham Rd. running from Homeview to Skipwith Road and also include improvements to the traffic signal at Skipwith.

“It’s still in the design phase,” Yob said. “We also need to conduct a survey to find out what property the County owns and what is private.”

“It’s all positive in the outcome when it happens, but the problem is today, tomorrow, this school year,” Kulp said. “How are they going to protect these children getting across this road now?”

Kulp has asked the County to reduce the speed limit on Parham Road near the high school from 45 mph to at least 35 mph.

Yob said a team is looking at data including accidents and other issues along that corridor to see if changes can be made. They’re still awaiting recommendations.

Kulp encourages other parents who have safety concerns to contact County leaders.

Yob added the design phase of the project could take anywhere from 12-18 months but said installing a traffic signal at Homeview Dr. and N. Parham Rd. would be the first thing completed once the project is approved.

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