Collegiate’s Bostain wows in sports, music and school

Updated: Jan. 21, 2020 at 6:17 PM EST
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HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Whether it’s field hockey, track and field, or lacrosse, Collegiate senior Maggie Bostain is always keeping busy.

“Lacrosse is definitely my favorite,” says the Cougar student-athlete. “Since fourth grade I think I’ve kind of connected with the sport.”

Maggie made the Collegiate varsity lacrosse team as a freshman, then made another travel team following that season, and those are two big moments that stick out to her, showing her that she might have a chance to do something special with the sport.

“I made the team, and it was just like a moment for me,” recalled Bostain. “If I put my mind to it, I can actually do it.”

“She has the type of speed and agility that you just don’t see on a regular basis,” added Collegiate athletic director Karen Doxey. “She’s so focused, you could tell that she could be the whole package.”

The whole package is exactly what she’s been. Maggie is a 4.0 student in the classroom and excels in each of her three sports, though stands out the most on the lacrosse field. She even possesses qualities that might remind some of another star athlete that once walked the halls of Collegiate.

“That ‘it’ factor that Russell (Wilson) has, I would say there’s that same kind of thing here,” noted Doxey. "Maggie is the nicest person on earth as well, so she’s highly respected by all of her classmates.

But this super senior’s talents run far beyond the classroom and the athletic field. Maggie is also an accomplished fiddle player.

“Charlie Daniels’ The Devil Went Down to Georgia song came on the radio,” the senior remembered. I was like ‘I kind of like that. Can I play the fiddle?’

Maggie picked up the instrument when she was seven years old, fell in love with it, and even stumbled upon a relative who shared the passion- a great uncle whom she didn’t even know existed before her grandmother discovered the common interest.

“He teaches me and it’s been a great experience,” Maggie said about her relationship with her uncle. “Our families joined together because he was a distant relative and now we’re like best friends.”

Like seemingly everything else, this student-athlete has hit high marks in music as well. She’s performed in front of her school on a handful of occasions and has opened up for several country music artists.

“A lot of people didn’t know that other side of Maggie,” Doxey said. “It was really cool when everybody got to see it because she’s not going to talk about it or brag about herself.”

For the time being, the fiddle may remain in its case. Maggie will head to UVA in the fall to continue her academic and lacrosse career, and school and sports will be her main focus. But that doesn’t mean she’s putting away music for good. She noted that lacrosse will only be part of her life for a limited time, but she’ll have the fiddle forever.

“My uncle is 87 and he’s still playing, so I think I’ll focus on lacrosse during my college years and then just keep my fiddle on the back burner until I’m ready to use it.”

Maggie is in the midst of her senior track season and will take the field for her final high school lacrosse campaign in the spring.

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