SwimRVA gives boy a heartwarming surprise

SwimRVA gives boy a heartwarming surprise
SwimRVA installed a special platform for Jacob Walker. (Source: Swim-RVA)

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - SwimRVA gave a boy a surprise, along with the help of his classmates.

Jacob Walker from Crewe, Virginia, is a student at Crestwood Elementary School in Chesterfield.

Jacob is just over three feet tall and lives with a very rare form of dwarfism.

You might remember Jacob and his father Rodney Walker, from starting an organization to help children who face the same challenges as he called Jacob’s AIM.

Today, at ten-years-old, Jacob had signed up for swimming lessons at SwimRVA with his classmates. However, Jacob’s father said for the past two weeks, he was too afraid to get into the water because he could not reach the bottom.

Because of this fear, Jacob would watch his classmates from the bleachers, have all the fun.

SwimRVA decided to give Jacob a special surprise by installing a platform designated for him.

(Source: Swim-RVA)
(Source: Swim-RVA)

When Jacob walked out of the lockers, his classmates, waiting outside the doors, cheered him on.

Taken aback and filled with confidence, he jumped right into the water over the special platform and joined his classmates for the entire class.

After passing his first swim station, he finally got the chance to ring the bell!

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