RRHA Board approves demolition of Creighton Court

RRHA Board approves demolition of Creighton Court

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -Big changes could be on the way for Creighton Court.

This comes after the RRHA Board of Commissioners voted Wednesday to approve a resolution to demolish the buildings.

“We don’t want to displace families. We don’t want to move families. We want to keep families on-site as much as possible,” RRHA CEO Damon Duncan said.

Duncan and his team submitted a demolition permit to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and they are awaiting final approval.

Duncan says the vote Wednesday as part of the process.

“We stopped leasing about a month after we got here once we learned that Creighton court was under revitalization,” Duncan said.

Duncan says that’s why many units aren’t leased.

“I was in the community Saturday and there was a lot of misinformation,” Omari Al-Qadaffi said.

Al-Qadaffi is a housing organizer with the Legal Aid Justice Center.

AL-Qadaffi says many residents fear being kicked out on the street before the buildings start to come down.

Duncan says that's not the case.

“We can create a phase. Vacate a couple of buildings and create a phase to start construction there. Move families into the newly constructed units and create other phases,” Duncan said.

RRHA recently opened Armstrong Renaissance right across from Creighton court and about 28 families have already made the move.

Another fear, having to apply to the new properties again.

“Residents will have to apply but they will have the right of first refusal because the ownership structure will change. That’s why there’s an application process,” Dunan said.

Duncan says his team is working hard to not just revitalize the community but to create a safe and new neighborhood.

Those who live there say they just want to be part of the process.

There is no set date for demolition to start.

Duncan hopes the process will start in the summer of 2020.

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