'It’s just fun and interactive’: New, whimsical business offers appointment-only, themed play space for kids

'It’s just fun and interactive’: New, whimsical space offers appointment-only, non-crowded play space for kids

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A new boutique play space for young children has opened its doors and we’re getting a sneak peek inside.

The concept behind WHIM was built on anything but: Mom and Entrepreneur, Devin Pilson, had been thinking about an idea like this, for some time while raising her daughter.

"We were having so much fun and she was getting into all these activities at different spaces but I thought there was a little something missing for the adults,” said Pilson. “I realized I was hiring my babysitter to do things I thought were fun, fun things. And we wanted to bridge that gap. Instead of hiring a sitter, having an activity that we could do together that would be inspiring for us both.”

Fast forward two and a half years, and Devin made that space - which she often shares with her sweet daughter, Piper. And several other children who have come to explore.

The whimsical space is a modern, sleek space. Less color. Smaller crowds. Extra cleaning between kids. Aesthetically pleasing - and art plus coffee for the adults.

"It's just fun and interactive and there's just lots of different sensory play here for the children," said mother, Tara Hawkins.

Tara’s already been more than once with her 3-year-old son, Everett.

“He loved the ball pit for sure,” said Hawkins. “He said that he went on a swimming adventure in the ball pit"

Tara’s a big fan of the environment for kids and parents.

“There’s coffee for parents and tea for parents and it’s a really quiet place where parents can actually talk and hear each other,” said Hawkins. “I like that there’s a limited amount of people that can come in at one time so it’s not crowded.”

The play is by appointment only - $20 for an adult and child. Each additional sibling is an extra $10. The play space is for kids 5 and under, but older siblings are welcome.

WHIM can be rented out for birthday parties or play dates with friends.

But the fun part is the change. As you might have guessed – the changes come on a whim! From a winter wonderland to book club....and even some surprises in between.

“You just never know what’s going to change,” said Pilson. “We could just randomly on the day pop up something new and exciting character-driven, them driven, whatever it may be, the point is to keep it fresh, keep it new. Always changing, always evolving and just keeping imagination and play at the forefront.”

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