Four-year-old girl’s dream comes true meeting Miss America 2020

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A four-year-old Farmville girl’s dreams came true Wednesday meeting Miss America at VCU.

Camille Schrier, who was crowned Miss America 2020 in December, returned to school Wednesday, but not as a student.

Schrier was at VCU to meet with patients and families to help push her social impact initiative, “Mind Your Meds: Drug Safety and Abuse Prevention from Pediatrics to Geriatrics.”

“We have a major opioid crisis happening in our country that’s related to prescription medications,” Schrier said. “I’ve seen that as a Naloxone trainer – I was trained by the Virginia Department of Health to administer Naloxone or Narcan. That showed me the impact we’re having on the opioid crisis in this country and that’s particularly why I chose it as my social impact initiative.”

However, Schrier was also able to help make a four-year-old Andi Otey’s biggest wish come true.

Underneath the crowns on their heads, Schrier and Andi have a lot in common.

“Mhmm,” Andi said.

They’re both Misses.

“Miss... August!” said Jessica Otey, Andi’s mom.

Andi was photographed in the Children’s Hospital of Richmond’s calendar for 2020 after facing one of the biggest battles of her life. While Schrier has also battled for something, she and Andi have several other things in common like love for science.

"You watched the science experiment?” Schrier asked Andi. “100 times,” Andi responded.

While Schrier may be Miss America, she’s also a pharmacy student at VCU.

“I’m grateful to be back at VCU,” she said. “I’m so grateful to the University to be back in this capacity and allowing me to share my social impact initiative.”

Schrier wants to tackle drug safety and abuse prevention. It’s why she was meeting with patients and families at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond.

However, the visit was also a way to help girls, like Andi, strive for something big.

“It’s exciting to see girls like Andi want to pursue careers in medicine and in S.T.E.M.,” Schrier said.

Andi knows firsthand what this work will entail.

“She is a Wilms Tumor survivor,” Otey said.

Wilms Tumor is a rare kidney cancer. Andi was diagnosed in May of 2019 where she had surgery and then 22 weeks of chemotherapy.

“We came up here each week and go to learn and know everybody really well and she is now finished,” Otey said.

Perhaps the icing on top of the crown for Andi was getting to meet Miss America.

“This is fantastic,” Otey said. “Something she’ll remember for a long time.”

“To hear a young girl like Andi, who has been surrounded by doctors her whole life, and to know that those doctors have made a positive enough impact on her that she’s not afraid of that,” Schrier said. “She’s not afraid of those doctors - she wants to be them.”

Andi will still have several appointments over the next few years to make sure the cancer doesn’t return. Miss America, in the meantime, plans to travel across the country pushing her initiative to educate families about medication safety.

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