Neighbors frustrated with mail delivery issues

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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - A Chesterfield neighborhood says they have spent more than a year trying to get answers and a solution from the US Postal Service.

“I am a realist that with that amount of mail there is bound to be something lost every now and then, I get that, but this seems to be consistent,” said Debby Johnson

Johnson says most days, the mail is delivered to the wrong houses in the Roxshire community, and neighbors help each other by delivering the mail to the correct home.

“Recently we had four different peoples mail from 3 different addresses and it was probably at least a dozen pieces," she said.

Through a neighborhood Facebook group, the community has been voicing their frustrations. Johnson has lived in the neighborhood for 22 years and says the problems started about two years ago.

“There’s always a reason--or an explanation,” Johnson said about reaching out to a manager at the post office.

Johnson has opted to use the informed delivery service through USPS and gets a photo of what is expected to arrive. She says there are many days that what the Post Office tells her to expect does not come on time.

“[It’s] very frustrating when you see a picture of something important like bank statements, or any type of financial information--a check, that you’re supposed to get and you don’t get it," she said."

Her biggest concern is that important private information could get into the wrong hands or lost altogether.

“My concern, not just for myself, but for other people would be financial statements,” she said, “I’ve actually frozen my credit because I don’t know sometimes where those bank statements or brokerage statements have gone to.”

In a statement to NBC 12, The US Postal Service said:

The Postal Service is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, which includes timely, reliable and secure delivery of mail and packages. The Midlothian Post Office Officer in Charge has been made aware of the issue and takes customer’s complaints very seriously, and is currently investigating the matter. We always want to hear directly from our customers immediately when they have a delivery concern, so we can take prompt action to resolve it to their satisfaction. Customers can contact their local Post Office, visit our website at or can call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) for assistance.

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