Miss America Camille Schrier returns to Richmond as part of nationwide tour

Miss America Camille Schrier returns to Richmond as part of nationwide tour

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Royalty made a stop in Richmond Tuesday evening.

Miss America Camille Schrier visited a group of girls at Mad Science of Central Virginia and showed them how science and royalty can truly go hand in hand.

There's a lot you can do with dry ice. It is pretty cool to watch in science experiments.

“Hands-on experiments are definitely fun,” 13-year-old Kristine Rogatnik said.

However, for these young ladies, what's even more fun is that their science teacher wears a lab coat, goggles, and a crown.

Plus, she answers to the title - Miss America.

Camille Schrier, who is the former Miss Virginia, dropped in on these young science lovers at Mad Science of Central Virginia.

She holds degrees in biochemistry and systems biology. So, she was certainly in her element while making the dry ice "sing" and creating clouds in a bucket.

“It’s something that I always loved my entire life, and I was really fortunate to be a little girl who had people around me that encouraged my love of science,” Schrier said.

In her new role as Miss America, Schrier is providing the same encouragement given to her - to girls all over the nation.

Many of those girls watched Schrier on television as she chose to do a science experiment as her talent. She went on to capture the coveted crown.

“I think that a lot of people have talents that we don’t necessarily see as performing talent. And so, what I’m doing is showing that communication is a talent, education is a talent, and that science can be entertaining,” Schrier said.

Based on these reactions to Schrier’s dry ice experiments, these young scientists agree.

“It’s just so much you can keep learning. Even if it is unanswered, it’s just fun to learn about,” 9-year-old Raegan Jones said.

“It’s really cool to know all the formulas and the chemicals, and how when you put it together, it becomes something big,” Rogatnik said.

“Whether or not you want to be a scientist or whatever the career path that you want to take, it’s so important to be true to who you are. My real overwhelming message is of authenticity. To find your passion and do them on purpose, and always be true to the talents you do have,” Schrier said.

Schrier is in the process of obtaining her doctor of pharmacy degree from VCU.

She is scheduled to appear at the university Wednesday evening to speak on medication safety and abuse prevention.

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