Police: Juvenile charged in false active shooter report at Henrico middle school

Person of interest identified in shooter hoax

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - Henrico police say they have arrested a juvenile in connection to the false report of an active shooter at Moody Middle School after receiving a call via text to 911.

Henrico police were called to Moody Middle after the report of an active shooter came in via 911 text on Jan. 13.

Police said they arrested and charged a juvenile with the false summoning of law enforcement on Feb. 18. The juvenile was placed into a detention center.

Officials are reminding parents to discuss the false reporting to law enforcement, especially via 911.

Parents rush to check on their children

The false report prompted a vast emergency response to the school that day.

“There has been no active shooter located, and there have been no injuries to any students," explained Lt. Matthew Pecka. "We want to reiterate, no injuries to any students.”

According to school officials, Henrico police have completed their search of the school along Woodman Road in the afternoon and found no evidence of a shooting.

“The school is considered safe. Classroom instruction will continue in ‘lock and teach’ until the normal end of the school day,” said Andy Jenks.

Police say no active shooter has been located at Moody Middle School

BREAKING NEWS: Police say no active shooter has been located at Moody Middle School

Posted by NBC12 on Monday, January 13, 2020

Officers cleared the school by going door-by-door to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We do take these calls very seriously, hence the large police presence and first responder partners you see here today," Lt. Pecka, explained.

Students remained in their classrooms in a “lock and teach” mode while police completed their search, authorities said.

“The goal is that everyone goes home safe," Lt. Pecka said.

“However, at this time, there is no evidence of an actual active shooter, and no evidence that our students are in harm’s way,” schools said in a release.

Students who use bus transportation can still ride the bus home as they normally would. And parents are being allowed to pick their child up early if they wish.

After-school activities for Moody Middle School were also canceled for the day.

Around 4:30 p.m., police tweeted that they identified a person of interest in the fake 911 report.

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