Richmond woman wants Brookland Park porch pirate off the streets

Brookland Park thefts

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Brenda Kliesen bought a doorbell camera a year ago after she had a brand new carpet stolen from her front porch while she was at work in the Brooklyn Park area of Richmond.

“People see the camera and they will hesitate,” Kliesen said.

Unfortunately for Kliesen the last thief her doorbell camera picked up walking down the sidewalk in front of her didn’t hesitate at all.

In the video, her camera recorded a man in a dark blue hoodie with gold lettering, sprint up the steps of Kliesen’s porch before snatching her package and running off.

“It makes me kind of mad, mostly just irritated that someone would be brazen enough to do that,” Kliesen said. “They stole a pair of vintage reproduction 1920′s style pumps.”

Kliesen is a collector of vintage style shoes. The green suede pumps she mentioned was a gift to herself valued at $160 dollars.

The package was delivered at her door on December 16, 2019.

Kliesen believes the thief knew the package was hidden behind the pillars of her porch because he may have watched her package delivered while she was at work.

She says she also had a package of spices that was intended to be a Christmas gift form someone else. She notified police of her stolen items the day after they were stolen.

Based on her small shoe size and the vintage style of the pumps, very few people would see any value in them.

“Sometimes you’ll see where they’ve opened a box and not liked what they found in it and they’ll throw it in someone else’s yard.”

Kliesen never found her shoes, but the company she bought the shoes from sent her a replacement pair of pumps sometime after her package was stolen.

Despite a detective investigating the incident, Kliesen says her neighborhood is still having a problem with thefts and break-ins.

“If he’s taken from me he’s taken from everybody,” Kliesen said.

After nearly a month since the incident, Kliesen wants to keep sharing her video in hopes that someone may recognize the individual on surveillance video and turn them in.

“I just hope that somebody sees who it is and recognizes them,” Kliesen said. “If we get more of these videos out there and people realize they’re being recorded maybe they won’t do it.”

Anyone with information regarding the thefts is urged to call detective Michael DiSalvo at 804-646-3184 or call Crime Solvers at 804-780-1000.

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