500-pound blind pig named Oscar relocates to Chesterfield animal rescue

Updated: Jan. 9, 2020 at 6:19 PM EST
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CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WWBT) - Chesterfield County animal control stepped in to help an overweight pig find a new home.

It’s been a long week for Oscar the pig.

“He’s just a big ole’ chunk of love,” owner of Loving Acres Rachael Loving said.

The 500-pound hunk is from Roanoke and is getting used to his new home at Loving Acres Pet Rescue in Chesterfield.

“He was a house pet and eventually got bigger and bigger. She loved him with food which sometimes happens. I like chocolate,” Loving said.

Oscar can’t move, only grunts.

“He’s gotten so big he can’t stand because his hoofs are so long he will step on his belly and he’ll cut his belly open,” Loving said.

Oscar’s problems don’t stop there, he is also “fat blind” due to the fat around his face - it closed up his eyes.

Oscar the pig.
Oscar the pig.(Loving Acres)

It was a challenge just getting him out of the house.

“We put carpet down and let him do two steps and take a break. We had all day,” Loving said.

Once in the trailer and back in Chesterfield there was a new challenge: How to get Oscar out. That is where the men and women at the Chesterfield Animal Control stepped in to help.

“Each of them could get on one side. I would go in the back and gave them less and less room and that’s how we got him out,” Loving said.

Like many of us, losing weight is the goal but it’s not easy.

“Pigs don’t lose weight quickly,” Loving said.

Right now the focus is on healing. Oscar has a special shed that’s been transformed into his own suite with food, water, a fan and heater.

Oscar the pig
Oscar the pig(NBC12)

“To get him settled in. Get him use to being here. Let him know we love you. Let him get our scent,” Loving said.

Oscar isn’t the only one getting special attention. Loving has made it her mission to take care of those who need her love the most.

“It’s really what I mean to them. People always ask who is your favorite animal. Which one do you like best? It’s really the one who needs you the most at the time,” Loving said.

You can follow Oscar’s journey, here.

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