Mechanicsville mom publishes parenting advice book - ‘They Say Parenting’

Updated: Jan. 9, 2020 at 6:49 PM EST
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MECHANICSVILLE, Va. (WWBT) - Any parent knows that any parenting choice can come with supporters and naysayers, and most likely a little bit of guilt.

Mechanicsville mom, Lauren Jumrukovski is tackling all those feelings in her newly published book, “They Say Parenting”, which talks about her motherhood journey and the lessons she’s now sharing.

The parenting advice is as vast as the words used to describe how “they” say you should parent.

“You know, I kept catching myself saying ‘they’ say to do this or ‘they’ say to do that and I kept thinking, who is ‘they’ anyway?” Jumrukovski said. “And how do they know what’s best for our kids?”

Jumrukovski decided that maybe she needed to clarify. The former Henrico school counselor said she knew she liked helping others, and decide to use her own experience raising three kids to show “they” might not actually know.

“My book has a lot to do with the emotional side of being a parent,” said Jumrukovski. “So, kind of the tough spots and how we got through them. But, it really encourages parents to go with our guts. Again, there’s so much advice and my three kids are so different. So, what worked for one might not have worked for another.”

From developmental milestones to relationships, potty training, traveling and keeping it all together, Jumrukovski tackles real issues with relatable examples of how her family has addressed them.

“I think we should trust our gut, trust our pediatrician, go with what works and feel good about how we’re parenting and know that we’re doing a great job no matter what,” Jumrukovski said.

Jumrukovski advises parents to let their children see they make mistakes because there is a lesson in working through them, and she says parents must trust their instincts.

“I think when we just take that advice with a grain of salt and do what’s best for our children and our families," Jumrukovski said. "It can take a lot of that pressure off and just feeling confident in our intuition and knowing that it’s OK to do something a little bit different because every family is different and that doesn’t make us bad.”

The book can be purchased, HERE.

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