Snow covers parts of Virginia; Several school systems closed Wednesday

Snow covers parts of Virginia; Several school systems closed Wednesday

ALBERMARLE CO., Va. (WWBT) - It was all rain in the Richmond area but those in the Northern and Eastern parts of the state were blanketed by snow.

A white Christmas came late to the state.

Officials with VDOT are working around the clock to keep the roads safe for motorists.

“I didn’t think it was going to be like this,” Teri Gough said.

Teri Gough was just getting off work and found her car covered with snow.

“Getting outside for the first time I had to clean my car,” Gough said.

VDOT crews are making sure major highways like I-64 and primary roads are clear.

“We could see from the windows of my job that the roads were pretty ok and well maintained,” Gough said.

“I was hoping for the snow. I love snow,” One Motorist said.

“Better late than never is what I always say,” Johnny Jackson said.

Door Dash driver Johnny Jackson doesn’t care how hungry you are, he’s going to make sure he’s safe while delivering your food.

“I’m going to try to get people their food as quickly as they can but if it’s going to take some time then it’s going to take some time,” Jackson said.

As day turns to night and the temperatures drop, many people say they will be getting off the roads.

“It’s going to be pretty treacherous by the end of the night,” Jackson said.

“It’s when the temperatures go freezing after it’s been slushy is what I think is the scariest part. The black ice,” One Motorist said.

VDOT officials warn if you absolutely have to be out on the roads, be careful.

“Give yourself enough time to get where you have to go. It’s not worth losing your life or injuring someone else,” Jackson said.

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