Apps to help with your financial New Year’s resolutions

Apps to help with your financial New Year’s resolutions

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) -More than half of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution to get better at handling money—say they finished the year in better shape financially. Resolutions can work, if you stick to them—and these apps could help.

If you don’t know where your money’s going, you can’t save more, which is why a good budgeting app like Mint is so important. Mint lets you divide your spending into different categories, and figure out a budget for those areas. Then—Mint moves individual expenses into the right category, so you can track spending.

Another good, free one—is Tip Yourself. You set up a Tip Jar account, linked to your checking, and then set up various “tips” for achieving certain small goals.

Get to the gym on a weekday? Maybe five dollars goes into your tip jar. Get to bed by 10pm? Maybe that’s a two-dollar tip—headed to that savings jar. Over time—those tips add up!

The Digit app analyzes your income and spending, and figures out what you can afford to shift to savings, then makes those moves in small chunks. A dollar here, four bucks there.

These apps help you make savings automatic, and fun, too. But you can likely accomplish the same thing—by setting up regular transfers out of each paycheck—right to savings or your IRA.

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