Sensitive documents from Outback Steakhouse found in public dumpster

Sensitive documents from Outback Steakhouse found in public dumpster

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Outback Steakhouse is looking into a situation that left the paperwork containing personal information of some employees left in a publicly-used recycling bin.

Old furniture and folded up boxes aren’t uncommon to find in recycling bins.

Viewer Staci Hunt said that she found folders, containing paperwork with sensitive information inside a dumpster off Forest Hill Avenue in Richmond.

Information like Social Security numbers and addresses, even payroll spreadsheets, and credit card receipts that she said can be traced back to the Outback Steakhouse on West Broad Street in Henrico.

“Shred them. Everything should be shredded," said Barry Moore with the Better Business Bureau, adding that these sort of documents should never have ended up in a dump fully intact.

Some of the records date back to 2007, according to Hunt, which means perhaps some of those people are longer be employees, but Moore he says that shouldn’t matter.

“Somebody could find out an SSN, bank records, credit cards and so forth from 15, 25 years ago. That’s still juicy stuff. That could still be circulated on the underground black web," he said.

The owner of the Henrico Outback restaurant told NBC12 off-camera that his location was cleaning storage and that someone was tasked with getting rid of the documents, and that he didn’t know they ended up in a dumpster.

Moore says that any company that manages employee records, "should have protocols in place, should have an established policy and all employees should understand what that established policy is.”

Outback Steakhouse did send NBC12 a statement in the matter:

“This is an isolated incident where documents should have been shredded and we regret that didn’t happen. We take the security of personal information very seriously and are currently investigating what impact this may have.”

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