Unknown man follows teens, tries to sell them drugs

Unknown man follows teens, tries to sell them drugs

SANDSTON, Va. (WWBT) - Henrico Police are stepping up patrols in Sandston after two teens were followed by an unknown man who then tried to sell them drugs.

Typically the walk to Sandston Bistro for 18-year-old Kloey Cole is uneventful, but Wednesday it was the complete opposite.

"Once I realized what was happening, it was just instinct,” Cole said. “I need to be ready for the worst-case scenario."

Cole and her friend were walking to the restaurant for lunch, unaware it was closed due to the holiday. However halfway there, Cole picked up on her surroundings.

“I was at about the back of the truck and he was over here,” Cole pointed out Thursday.

Cole is referring to a middle-aged man with white hair, a gray beard and glasses who was walking near them on Naglee Avenue across from Sandston Elementary School.

“Quite honestly I was nervous because the way he carried himself didn’t seem very friendly,” Cole said.

As she and her friend approached Sandston Bistro she saw the man’s pace quicken, eventually intercepting them in the parking lot.

"He goes do you or anybody you know want controlled substance pills?” Cole said. “I go no - and he goes, are you sure? And I go get away from us! No! He started walking and continued towards the Sandston Library."

With that, Cole and her friend immediately left.

"We were almost running back home," she said.

There, Cole’s mother called Henrico Police and posted to a Sandston social media page where, according to Cole, several other people reported seeing the same man in the area. One woman contacted the family and said she was approached by the man as well.

“She described it as if she wanted Xanax I think because he has so many and needs money,” Cole said.

Henrico Police responded to Cole’s home to take the report.

“Henrico police always encourage residents both juveniles and adults to contact police immediately when there is suspicious activity going on,” police said. “We are here to help and investigate these matters.”

Henrico police were in the area Thursday conducting additional foot patrols throughout Sandston following this incident.

“If you see something, say something,” police said. “Together, we can keep our communities safe!”

While Cole wasn't hurt in any way, she does have a message for others after her experience.

“Start off by being more aware of yourself,” she said. “If I hadn’t noticed someone was walking behind us then I don’t know how that situation could have played out otherwise.”

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